History of the company Prestige LTD company was founded on November 6, 2017. In the same year, the company acquired the rights
on the trademark of Ukrainian sparkling wine TM "Odessa".
In 2019, Prestige Group acquired
rights to the French Boulevard trademark.
Coverage in Ukraine
more than 30 distributors.
Prestige LTD is an exporter of its brands
to countries such as: USA, Italy, Greece, Israel, Estonia,
Mongolia, Korea, Poland, Australia, Kazakhs
Today we deliver products to such national networks as:
Production Prestige LTD is part of one of the largest
agricultural holdings of Ukraine, owned by more than 2000 hectares of vineyards
in the south of Odessa region (Kulevcha, "Southern Region", "Champagne of Ukraine").
More than 2,000 hectares of vineyards
in the south of Odessa region
For the production of our products we use only our own wine material. For many years, the agricultural holding has been supplying wine materials to all the largest Ukrainian wineries. The vineyards of our holding are located directly next to the plant for the primary processing of wine material, so they deliver grapes very quickly, thus managing to preserve the best natural qualities of the berries and their integrity.
In the process of grape processing, the company uses modern professional equipment Della Toffola. Thanks to high-tech equipment, all the norms and standards for fermentation control are observed, which allows you to preserve the unique organoleptic properties of grapes. The company plans to further develop and invest in the modernization of its industry.
Company goals One of the main goals of the Prestige LTD is to enter the top three leading manufacturers of Ukraine. Become a trendsetter in the Ukrainian sparkling wine market with sales of at least 10 million bottles per year. To increase export sales and ensure the presence of our brands in such key markets as: Canada, Germany, Central Asia, the Baltic countries.
Awards In October 2018, Odessa Prestige sparkling wine was brut white, received a silver medal at the Ukraine Wine & Spirits Awards 2018 International Tasting Competition, in the nomination “The Best Sharma Wine Made by the Charm Method”. Click to enlarge
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